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About Us

About Us

Our entire focus is the custom production, filling and packaging of one-component sealants and adhesives for the most predominant applications used in construction and industry. BONDTEC`s products are delivered to end-users exclusively through our private label partners. This approach allows us to deliver premium, customized products to meet the specific needs of our customers in various quantities.

At BONDTEC, our highest priorities are the quality and durability of its products as well as exemplary service that is dependable and responsive to our customers’ needs. Providing sound advice along with the mutual development and implementation of innovative solutions is our basis for its long-lasting and trusting cooperation with our domestic and foreign customers.

We proactively identify changing market demands. And we constantly have the needs, goals and market requirements of our business partners in mind, so we can help our customers to quickly take advantage of new opportunities and developments. To sustain our competitive advantage and ensure our future success – and that of our customers – we implement stringent cost controls.

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